Join together the pieces of the heart

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  God is referred to as the Father by those of all religions. He is my Father, Mother, Teacher, Friend and Satguru. When that companion is with me I have a lot of strength. I stay in constant company with Him.

When there is that connection with God then 5 powers stay with me- purity, peace, love, happiness and power. Purity comes first and when the pieces of my heart become whole, then there is peace. Power comes last. This is the work of all of us -- to join together the pieces of the heart and make them one. No matter what anyone is like, bring them together and make them whole.  I belong to One and I have to bring everyone together in unity.

With love,

BK Janki


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Words for the World - Hope

Dadi Janki says that in order to face the intense challenges of the world today, time is calling for all souls to reclaim feelings of love and peace.

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