Where do feelings come from?
Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  Someone asked me recently, “Where do feelings come from”?  Feelings emerge from the heart and reach the mind.  If you continually think and feel negatively about yourself, you will develop feelings of hopelessness and depression, which will become a “sanskara” or a pattern in the soul.  If you continually think and feel negatively about others, you will develop sanskaras of comparison, blame, criticism and hatred.  These sanskaras will arise again and again.

The only way to stop this cycle is to bring God’s remembrance and knowledge into the soul.  When you do this, the soul has the realization of its true identity as God’s child and develops the power to change.  This realization naturally produces positive thoughts, which in turn create good feelings.  And by staying in God’s remembrance, you are filled with power to change the habits of these heart and mind.

With love,

BK Janki

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