What is spiritual service?
Dear friends:

Today I was churning on the question:  What is spirituality really?  How can I experience spirituality and then use that to serve?  There are many people who want to do something good for the world because they realize that things are not right.  Think about the depth of spirituality and emerge that in your self and in your work.

Realize whatever you have to do, and do it now.  Have the feeling that you are an instrument.  Be truthful, patient, and humble.  Keep good feelings for others with humility. Be careful what you say to others. Be careful how you speak to others. Don’t keep saying or thinking that ‘things should be like this, or like that’.   

What is spiritual service?  First of all learn how not to be careless.  Learn how to care. We have to first care and then share.  Make your life such that on seeing you others are inspired by the way you are.  Keep your spiritual gifts in an emerged form.  Have pure and elevated vision for everyone.  Pay attention to this aspect of 'drishti.'  When my vision is spiritual, then my service will be spiritual!  I first see, then I do.  

with love
BK Janki

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