Learn to use silence power, and you will receive strength
Dear Friend,

Om shanti.  We have talked many times about the importance of learning how to move into a state of soul consciousness.  Silence is the original form of the soul.  So, when you experience yourself to be a soul, you will move into that natural state of silence.

Silence gives us power, strength, and energy.  If we have ordinary thoughts, we need the power of realization to take us away from the draw of those thoughts.  The contrast between ordinary and powerful is very great. Free yourself from wasteful and ordinary thoughts, and you will never become hopeless or disheartened.  Pay attention to your thoughts, and you will never have such an illness.  If you complain about yourself or another, then how will you feel?  Go into silence, into introversion.  Check yourself in silence, and you will get the power to change.  Learn to use silence power, and you will receive strength.  
Then your energy will work for you.

With love,

Dadi Janki

#5 2010-03-05 11:49 - sally
om shanti,

i used to feel as though i was still involved in bad situations even though i remained silent.... wasteful thoughts used to bombard by mind...now i know i have to be silent from ordinary and wasteful thoughts to be free and loving in all situations...
#4 2010-03-04 17:42 - Dushyant
Dear Dadi,

Very well said, before reading this post , I was suffering from the tensions given to me by loved ones but after realizing the power of silence, i can easily see and feel the change in their behaviour.I think a portion of my energy is noe working for me.
With lots of love
#3 2010-02-27 17:18 - ahalyakka
I love you Dadi ma. give me more guidance please.
#2 2010-02-27 12:50 - Caroline
I have recently been drawn into an abusive cycle of behaviour with two other people.
My attempts to stand up for myself by blaming them have made me feel further disempowered.
I have decided to withdraw completely from the place where I come into contact with these two people.
This is the best I can do at the moment.
#1 2010-02-20 05:21 - bk chandrakanti
This message helped me to feel the power of silence and use it. I love to read dadi message.
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