Let go and move on
Dear Friend,

Om shanti.  Today I would like you to keep the thought that you have to
be a good human being and inspire others. If you find it difficult to
let go of things that are bothering you, then we will find it difficult
to be in this body.  Use this human form to be a good human being so
that others can be inspired by your life.

Dadi has lived a long time, because she has not kept anything dirty or
heavy in her mind.  This is a promise that she made to herself and to
God.  When Dadi is not well, God gives me good power of tolerance and
the illness runs away.  Ill health does not scare Dadi at all. Sometimes
circumstances and situations trap you and stop you from being close to
God.  When this happens, do not hold on to the situation, allowing it to
replay in your mind.  Let go and move on and the situations will be left
behind; otherwise the situation finishes, but you are still holding on
to it in your mind.

When you switch on a light, it illuminates.  Let your life be such, that
you switch on your stage of elevated consciousness and others are
illuminated by this.

With love,

BK Janki

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