Don't worry -- no problem

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  When you work with peace and love, then whatever work you do will be  successful.  Don’t ask ‘how’ or ‘why’ you will do it. These two questions spark off conflict and confusion inside. Young or old, student or teacher – the feeling is the same when these questions arise. “How, why, what, when”…  You have all experienced the internal feeling when you are in the state of unknowing and have such questions in your mind. When there are questions in the mind, you can see the effects in the sign language of the hands and of the eyes.

My thoughts, my words and my actions should be filled with good feelings. I’ve always kept good feelings inside myself and good wishes for everyone, wishing that everyone should always have good feelings. Feelings such as love, courage and faith will make you free of those questions of why, what and how.  “Don’t worry – no problem!”  Constantly remain happy and share that happiness with everyone else.  You are able to stay happy when you don’t engage in worry, sorrow and fear. Free yourself from these. Put this into practice in your lives and give that experience to others.

With love,
BK Janki


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Words for the World - Hope

Dadi Janki says that in order to face the intense challenges of the world today, time is calling for all souls to reclaim feelings of love and peace.

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