The real, imperishable beauty of this time.
Dear Friend,

Om shanti.  There is something very special about this time.  It is a time when we can learn to develop the awareness of soul-consciousness.
This awareness, although it sounds simple, is the key to real and lasting transformation of the self.

For this to happen, one main aspect is that I have not only to forget my own past, but I have to forgive and forget all that I have witnessed others do. Yes, all of us have made mistakes and yes, we have received sorrow from those, but now I have to make a pledge that I will not make the same mistake again.  On seeing the weaknesses or mistakes of others, I cannot afford to get into negativity. Instead I have to maintain good wishes and pure feelings for them. Only this will help them to change themselves.

I cannot allow myself to think that they will not change, because if I think like this, it will be more difficult for them to transform. To think like this is a sign of ego. Without soul consciousness, my own ego cannot finish. Only through soul consciousness can the soul die from the old and belong to God.  It is this that is the real, imperishable beauty of this time.


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