Maintain elevated thoughts

Dear friends,

Om shanti.  If you want to remain in happiness and serve others, maintain a positive and powerful internal stage. If your internal stage is good you can easily deal with any situation. To create a powerful internal stage one needs to create and maintain determined thoughts. To create determined thoughts you need to stay in remembrance of who you really are and that you are a child of God.

Don’t allow yourself to keep thinking about others. Think about yourself and about the effort you are making for transformation. Have this self respect. Don’t use situations as excuses in this. Check yourself honestly: How much time do I waste during a day thinking about others? How much time am I spending during the day thinking about the past? Some souls waste whole days in negative thinking. It is as if their intellect cannot get involved in anything positive. Therefore, pay attention; bring God into your awareness - God and this drama of life in which each one is an actor playing a part. Remember that the five fingers on a hand are all different and that each is playing its accurate part.  So maintain elevated thoughts and your internal stage will be elevated.

With love,
BK Janki


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