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Dear friends,

Om shanti…om shanti…om shanti.  When you are with me, you join me in saying om shanti three times.  I do this to bring to our awareness that we are spiritual beings, souls, separate from the body.  When we have this understanding, our attention goes upward towards the Supreme Soul, the Father of all souls, and it does this naturally.  When we consider ourselves to be souls, we have the consciousness of being light in two ways– of being weightless and luminous.

I say the first “om shanti” in the awareness of the soul.  I say the second “om shanti” in the awareness of the Supreme Soul. I say the third “om shanti” in the awareness of what actions I need to perform.  Stay in the company of that One and remain detached and loving. Care, share and inspire.  It creates a relationship of spiritual love. This has been my 


With love,

BK Janki

#9 2015-08-18 18:46 - Moderator

chetan singh: As many people there are in the world, there are as many opinions.  Do not listen to what other people think of you.  What is important is what you think of yourself. Focus on yourself, spend time to get to know yourself.  Meditation is good for this.  If you feel somting needs to change, that you could develop more virtues then put virtues into practice and they will develop.

#8 2015-07-29 13:37 - Moderator

Kaamini joshi:  Situations may not change, people may not change, but you have the option to change and respond differently.  If you do this, things will gradually change because your response to them is different, and if you respond in a positive way filled with love for your self and another then things will change for the better.

#7 2015-07-25 08:12 - kaamini joshi
om shanti

sometimes no matter what we do life does not change, situations people don't change. many a times we try to change our life, reduce whats bothering us ..

but when things don't change we have to accept it even if its wrong.
how does one do that accept something will never change.thanks
#6 2015-07-21 11:57 - chetan singh
omshanti , I try to connect with supreme soul and also experience same but I got disconnect due to odd situations . please guide what to do when someone critisise
#5 2015-07-15 11:49 - Archana
This is the first time when I have read a message from Dadiji.I am really my eyes filled with tears..
#4 2015-07-13 15:38 - pushpa devi
Om shanti dadi ji . mera naam pushpa hai mein Jammu tawi she hoon mein apse yeh kehna chahti hoon ki mujhe Murli samaj nahi ati hai who kyu dadi ji thank you
#3 2015-07-13 15:21 - Moderator

mohua chatterjee.  If you have full trust in God then in the awareness of being 'His' child, remember 'Him' and trust yourself.

#2 2015-07-11 05:59 - BK RAJESHWAR GHAINDER
Please always send DADIJI'S daily messages.. Om shanti my soul is empowered like it's new and getting wise and stronger
#1 2015-07-09 19:53 - mohua chatterjee
On shanti I want to ask some quarry .and I'm filling totally helpless so plz guided me .I have full trust on my shiv baba ...
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