Transformation inside

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  When you are soul conscious, what types of thoughts will you have? When one considers the self as a soul, one starts to think in a very logical way. You understand that  you are working through this body. You are making your body move. You are the ruler of your sense organs. It is not a matter of worldly education in order to understand this. It is a unique study. "Who am I? Who do I belong to?" If you truly understand these aspects, then there can be transformation.

In order to know God one needs divine vision and a divine intellect. I need a divine vision to see with and a divine intellect to understand. Once I start to know the self, I can begin to know God. I am a soul from beyond this world and I need to experience this. We are those souls from beyond the world but we have forgotten that.  Experiment with this as a spiritual practice and you will feel the transformation inside.

With love,
BK Janki


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Dadi Janki reveals how God is inspiring her to become an angel.

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