A Spiritual Secret

Dear friends,

Om Shanti. I’ll tell you a spiritual secret: to bring about a new golden age of truth, we need five virtues - purity, truth, patience, humility and sweetness. In order to imbibe the five virtues we need eight powers.

Do you want me to tell you about the eight powers? First, we need the power of tolerance. All of you are content, aren’t you? In order to be happy, we need to first be content. We also need the power to accommodate; if anyone says anything, we have to accommodate. We have to face all situations and accommodate them all. Then there is the power to co-operate. We stay in spiritual awareness and co-operate with everyone. When we stay in spiritual awareness, our faces sparkle. Then there is the power to judge. We have to judge each situation accurately. What we speak, what we eat, what we wear – all should be accurate. Let everyone think, “this one knows how to live”. There are also the powers to discriminate and pack up. The eight powers have to work with us throughout the day for us to transform our nature and become those elevated beings who will bring the age of truth.

With love,
BK Janki


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