Speak sweet words, my friend!

Dear friends, 

Om shanti.  This is the time to create an easy nature filled with truth, humility, purity, patience and maturity. Keep your mind cool – never flare up! When your nature is easy, your spiritual words are very attractive. Speak sweet words, my friend! Pay attention that your words are filled with sweetness and spoken in a soft voice. Speak in a way that you are able to go beyond sound.

The road of life is long.  But this is the most important age --- the Confluence Age. Value your time in this age. Stay in remembrance of God, and become full of peace and happiness.  

With love, 

Dadi Janki


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Words for the World - Relationships

Brahma Kumaris Spiritual leader Dadi Janki explains how many relationships with God are possible, including God as Mother, Father, friend, teacher, and more.

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