See the self as a peaceful soul, a being of light
Dear friend,

Om shanti.  We must remember that we are all looking for success in our personal lives, at school, at work, or with the family.  Children learning to walk are hesitant at first, but once they master walking, they get so excited that they want to run ahead of their parents and everyone around them.

Where there is pain,  we experience courage weakening.  A peaceful soul has courage, but a soul in pain finds it difficult to maintain courage.  
God is always available, but when we feel burdened, this creates a blockage, causing pain and a loss of courage.

When you have this experience, you can experiment with this spiritual
exercise: see the self as a peaceful soul, a being of light.  When you are in this experience you will be able to take power and sustenance from God.  This practice removes all blockages and barriers.

With love,

Dadi Janki

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Dadi Janki shows how to be free from attachment and desires.

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