Receive light and give light to others

Dear friends,

Om shanti. Many in the world have lost their sense of inner peace and their sense of direction. Your own practice of self-realization and the remembrance of God allows you to lead a different kind of life, one in which you don’t waste time, money or energy.

Because of this, you can make your life an example for others. Consider it to be your duty to be an example to others. My life should be such that I receive light and give light to others. Others should get inspiration from what I do.

With love, 

BK Janki

#1 2018-09-26 19:51 - Dolly
I just turned 23 and I already feel a little exhausted of almost everything in life, not being able to manage relationship with parents, the fact that I have too many friends and not a single one I can truely tell what I really feel inside but there’s this need to talk and discuss and let out but I cannot do it. I lose track of what I really wanted to say. I have this strong feeling I need to quit my job and dedicate myself to just a field where I can help people like me and others.
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Words for the World - Pure Feelings

Dadi Janki explains how to create pure feelings through the practice of silence.

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