The Power to Discern 2 of 4

March 19, 2010

How do we know if a decision will bring benefit or not? How do we know if the answer is coming from a clean space? Join us as Keith Woods, Dean of Poynter Institute interviews Shireen Chada, Coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris Tampa about the Power to Discern.

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Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2018-04-13 14:42
Please go to and click on Centre Locator on the right side of the menu at the top of the home page. This will help you locate a centre close to you. Good luck with your meditation studies!
Dinesh Kumar
0 # Dinesh Kumar 2018-04-12 05:22
Hi, I am want to join meditation session ok BRahma kumaris.