Soul Connections 39 - Q & A and Whats Next ?

November 25, 2011

Shivani talks about: Practicing Rajyoga Meditation and coming to the centers doesn’t mean a new religion, community or caste. It helps us to become a better follower of the religion or community we belongs to.

and much more...

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#9 2017-03-25 22:41 - Mary (Moderator)
We are happy that you have been able to such good benefit from Sister Shivani’s programmes.
#8 2017-03-21 11:34 - Priya kanwal
Thanks mam for your good thoughts. after watching your show or video i feel very energetic and happy from my heart..your video help me a lot to overcome from my anger and tension... thanks mam
#7 2017-02-16 22:25 - Mary (Moderator)
You have a very elevated goal in life and many people will benefit from your service. While many of Sister Shivani’s public talks are recorded, not every one is recorded. Keep looking at the awakening/in website. If this talk has been recorded, it will be posted.
#6 2017-02-14 17:57 - Sadashiv kumar
Sister'Good morning.I feel that get energy and very happiness in my heart when hear your god gifted thinking about parents,students,how to control our mood,positive thinking,always happy and give happiness others etc.I like your talk about CD that two CDs are not mixed with each other.Sister,my aim is to help the people who do not able to get true happiness.I study for serve our country and poor people.I believe that Baba also help for this work.I want to say that your speech for inner peace and inner power in golden jublee patna 2017 is not available in any brahma kuaris website if you help for this then please help me.
#5 2017-02-07 07:44 - DALARAM MALI
my daughter want to meet (sister B.K. shivani) please help me how can meet sister my daugher is 18 year old living in sirohi rajasthan , so please help me mobile no. 9413852054
#4 2016-09-16 19:43 - Mary (Moderator)
If this program helps you stay centered and stable, then definitely make time to watch it every day. In addition, excellent programming available on You can find courses by Sister Shivani, classes by senior BK teachers, music and more. Make time for yourself in both the morning and the evening to watch a show on a spiritual topic. This will help stabilize your mind and also help you feel lighter and freer when confronted with bodily ailments.
#3 2016-09-16 19:25 - Mary (Moderator)
Negative thoughts are a usual part of consciousness. They come because we have the habit of negative thinking. The more negative thoughts we have about a person or situation, the more likely those thoughts are to come again and again, without our wanting them. In Raja Yoga, we practice having peaceful, purposeful and positive thoughts. We fill the memory bank with this type of thought. There isn’t so much “space” for negative thoughts and so they come less frequently. And when a negative thought comes, we recognize it as such and do not allow it to repeat over and over. Over time, the incidence of negative thoughts can be greatly reduced.
#2 2016-08-28 07:47 - shilpi
sister mai aapka 8:am wala show mostly watch karti hu I feel so relax .but aaj k episode me mind to mind thought k baare me bataya.I want to know that man me kisi me liye galat thought hi na aaye ye kaise possible hai.please help me.
#1 2016-06-22 14:15 - kishan
sister shivani main apko sunta hoon apke dwara kahe gaye vicharo ko follow karne ki kaushish karta hoon! Lekin kar nahi pata hoon !main un employee hoon aur mansik roop se pareshaan hoon par jab apko sunta hoon to mind set change ho jata hain!main is samay physically bhi bahoot weak hoon !aap pls bataye ki kaise main is situation ko handle karoo!pls mere mail ko hidden he rahne dena!.....................................................thank u kishan
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