Awakening Q & A Part 1 (in Hindi with English translation)

December 29, 2009

Sister Shivani from Delhi shares the basics—the process and practical benefits of Raja Yoga, and introduces us to the world of the ‘soul’.

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Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-08-31 15:26
You can contact your local Brahma Kumaris centre to discuss your personal questions in confidentiality.
0 # Himaganga 2017-08-31 02:31
My brother attempted suicide and died.i am not able to overcome from that depression.i would like to know why God gave me this punishment.
Bhavika patel
0 # Bhavika patel 2017-08-30 13:08
I want to talk sister Shivani ji.
I want to become Monk so what I should do this is my goal. How to successfully in my life. And can you give me place in this Dharma.
0 # BAIJ NATH YADAV 2017-08-30 07:28
0 # Arti 2017-08-23 19:07
I have some personal questions
Shivani Gandhi
0 # Shivani Gandhi 2017-08-23 17:25
hello mam
I dont know anything much about you..i only listened from many people about you and listen your many videos which inspire me to talk to you but i cant find any way to contact you..please aware me about this
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-08-31 15:29
Sister Shivani listens to the issues that people have and then responds in her classes and lectures. Generally, many people have the same issues and this is the most comprehensive way for her to offer spiritual help to everyone.
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-08-17 22:34
Injustice is difficult to watch, especially when it is directed towards those we love. ShivBaba, the perfect being, is completely altruistic. This means He would never have a thought of harming anyone. He only helps people connect to their own goodness and make good decisions. However, we all receive the return of our actions. Since your parents have done good service for the family, they will receive a good return for that when they are reborn. Regardless of what the court decides to do about the case you described, the laws of karma are absolutely fair and just. Everyone will eventually get exactly what they deserve. While it may be painful to watch what is happening, it is best to not think about it unnecessarily. Thinking can cause you to suffer more. Instead, think about the kind of future you would like to create for yourself and your family. Have thoughts of kindness, honesty and loyalty towards your family to help the family stay strong during this difficult time.
0 # Pragati 2017-08-16 20:14
Firstly, I thank god for giving me this life.But sometimes I feel depressed about my life. There is a boy who talks to me every day and also helps me sometimes even when I didn't ask for his help.Anyways, but he has a girlfriend he told me after 8 months of ours conversation. But before telling this he proposed me and also said that he will fulfill my dreams. I even checked his facebook profile and I saw her girlfriend. I am hurt. I think I have developed feelings for him. Whenever I see his 5 years back post for his girlfriend I feel bad. But didi, I want to move forward in my life.Please help me out. I want to kick him out of my mind. I am trying but I didn't succeed. He even passed my resume in his office to get me placed there ignoring his friend's resume.He talks personal like one talk with their girlfriend. I don't know what's on his mind. I just want to be a strong girl to let all this shit go. I want to focus on myself. Please didi help me out.Please..!
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-08-17 23:09
You are wise to have the desire to focus on yourself. You have the power to create peace, love and happiness in your life. It’s difficult to do this in the face of suffering and betrayal – you will need to focus all your energy on this goal. The first step is to realise that we are spiritual beings, souls, and that each soul has tools for creating peace, love and happiness. We generally ignore our inner tools and instead take peace, love and happiness from other people. We need to learn how to use the inner tools. Now is a good time to start a new project that can bring a lot of satisfaction. How about starting a course at your local Brahma Kumaris centre? You will learn fascinating things about yourself, the soul. You will learn how to be a master of yourself. Give yourself a treat and try!
0 # Parul 2017-08-29 18:19
I have a son who is 14 years old. He has an habit of telling lies, hiding things from us (parents), shuns responsibility, postpones things till last moment, disorganised and would like to keep place or things in very haphazardly manner. Whenever we try to make him understand about these things, he finds all this as lecture being given to him. He is kind of addicted to video/mobile games and would even compromise hos studies for it. He can play nonstop for 2-3 hours on phone. Making him understand these wrong things is a big task for us.
He also hates us as parents, and finds it comfortable when we are not around, as we use to ask him to do what is right.
I don't understand where are we wrong and why our child is not paying any attention to what we say. Please help to guide us.
0 # Ankita 2017-08-16 19:44
I had an ectopic pregnancy lost my one fallopian tube...there is also risk in another pregnancy...chances are 15percent of risk ...doct said me just b positive...but I m unable to recover it and ...risk factor always revolve in my mind...plz help me....becoz I have to b very positive it's is very necessary to me...
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-08-17 22:58
A big part of being careful about your condition is to pay attention to your thoughts. You may be stuck right now on negative thoughts about what could happen. You may need help in changing your thinking. Brahma Kumaris centres offer courses in meditation and positive thinking. Both of these courses can help you step away from your negative thinking, learn new ways of thinking and look at the factors that can help you stay positive. You will also learn about the journey of the soul and your eternal relationship with the Supreme Soul. These are important things to know when we are trying to stay positive.
Hardev Nataraj
0 # Hardev Nataraj 2017-08-16 15:30
Dear shuvani sister,
In your brahma kumaris theory ,there is 82 birth cycle right? Shall i call it as genetic imprint located in our body?please clarify...
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-08-17 22:49
Memories, tendencies, habits and personality – everything that is experienced during life -- is recorded in the soul. The soul also carries a set of divine qualities such as peace, love and purity. These are the original and eternal personality of the soul. When a soul leaves one body and takes another, the soul carries all it’s records into its next birth. The soul never dies -- it simply passes from one body to the next, and at certain times in its life cycle it returns to the dimension of light that is its original and eternal home.
0 # Kranti 2017-08-02 20:27
Om Shanthi,My name is Kranti.
My uncles have betrayed me ,my mother and my brother by taking away the Ancestral property.They have created false documents and created a will on their names without our knowledge.And they spread rumours about by mother and my dead father.When i come to hear that they speak ill about by parents i feel really angry but i control my anger.My Father was eldest son of my Grand parents and my mother is eldest daughter in law in the family.They have done great service in the joint family.My grand parents has 6 sons and 6 daughters ,of which my father being the eldest.Now the case is running in the court of law.I feel sad that my mother has done enormous service to the family and she got betrayed by the people that she trusted the most.My father died due to illness 8 years back.My brother live abroad.
Please suggest me what to do in this scenario.Some times i feel Y does people like that live in this world.Not only the property they also take the income from other property as well.We do not get a single paisa.I trust Shiv Baba.I am sure he will punish people like them through Karma.
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-07-27 23:37
We must first look after our own happiness before we can help others. A big mistake that many of us make is in thinking that another person can make us happy. It’s a painful lesson, but it leads to freedom. Freedom means to not be dependent on another person but to make decisions based on our own values and our own sense of what is right. In freedom, we make good decisions, decisions that benefit everyone. In freedom we can have good wishes for everyone, including ourselves. There is no value in hanging on to feelings of guilt. Once we realize our mistakes, have pure intentions to do better and start making independent decisions, our self esteem and self confidence return.
0 # Inu 2017-07-27 02:38
Hi Didi Om Shanti ,
Didi i made mistake of my life ,i fall in love with a married guy we both love each other a lot.But i ruined his house, his life he is sleeping on streets because now he don't want to live with his wife or with me .i made mistake but he promised me that he will leave her and he will marry me but that girl has no fault she sufferer a lot due to me .all i want now is that guy married life stable with that girl happily ever after . please help me guide me wht i have to do. We met before his marriage as he was engaged but he said he cant escape from marriage so he said he will leave her later on. he left his job for me. he looks after me as baby 24/7 with me he killed that girl due to me now i m feeling shame on myself wht i did .His married life is almost about to end please help me i don't want this to happen because he can't live without this girl he is feeling guilty he want to kill his self. he loved me lot no one will ever do what he has done to me but in return i have ruined his entire life, please assist please, sometime i m thinking i should die too.please
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-07-21 23:26
It sounds like you have much to offer to a company. You have to decide whether it should be your current company or a different company. All jobs have some difficulties. Headaches are caused by the thoughts we have about our difficulties. The headaches mean that we need to change our thinking, that is, we need to think about the best possible ways of dealing with our difficulties. We can think about what we need for our well-being and how we might create what we need.
0 # komal 2017-07-26 13:06
i am very confused in my life what i want discuss with u about my problems can i get ur contact no or can i meet u
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-07-27 23:42
Sister Shivani listens to the issues that people have with their lives and responds to those issues in the Awakening series. You can find many of the Awakening programs on this website and all of them on the webiste. You can look at several of the episodes. Maybe one particular series is most meaningful for you. People generally find that if they continue to view the episodes, their questions get answered and their confusion fades.
0 # Mamta 2017-07-20 03:39
Hi Didi, Hari OM
I like your videos and the way to explain. I want to tell you that I am not satisfied with the current job. Due to misbehaving of my serious. It is a target base job... When you are unable to achieve the target. They started shouting on you. Even don't understand the situation..
I love you work.. work is my passion but for these things I fade up with my job.. and daily suffering from headache.

Please help me out...
Waiting for your reply... Hari OM
0 # xyz 2017-07-19 19:06
Sister, i m married fr past 14 yrs. two yrs back i came to know of my husband's extra marital affairs,, somehow i sailed thru but now i know he is physically involved with many and even with prostitutes. We r living in the same house but not talking to each other. I am sure he will continue on this pattern as he is completely detached. We have two kids nd pls show me the path ahead. I love him but don't want to get hurt repeatedly. Also there is no emotional attachment frm his side.
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-07-21 23:44
True love requires courage – the courage to make decisions based on love and not expect love in return. We realize that people we thought would help us through life have gone in a different direction. But we still love because we know that to love is the best for ourselves and for our families. Together with love, we need to be detached. Detachment doesn’t mean to be uninvolved or uncaring. We detach from our own desires and emotions and any pressures we may feel from other people, so that we can make good decisions. There is an expression, “The Lord is pleased with an honest heart.” Honesty means to be both loving and detached. When I am honest with myself and loving in my relations with others, I can take help and inspiration from God.
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-07-14 17:18
Living together with another person requires a lot of maturity and strength of character. Oftentimes people love each other and want to live together but their personalities clash. They suffer because of this, and think that the other person made them suffer. If you want to live together, it is wise to first recognize where there are clashes in your personalities, goals, cultures and opinions. These will all make living together difficult. What do you intend to do about the clashes? Why do you want to live together? Is it realistic to think that you can get what you want be living together? What will you do if you don’t get what you want? True love means staying with a person even when you feel that the person is interfering with your happiness. Most people mix of love and attachment. The attachment causes suffering and blocks the love.
0 # Jaanvi 2017-07-12 18:35
We both love each other n want to live together. I have a 9 year daughter. When our date of birth was matched they say strictly not to live together n seperste. What should i do its very difficult.
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-07-07 16:36
You ask very good questions which will lead you to a deep understanding of your self, God and your life. The laws of karma work identically for everyone. The most important thing to understand is that karmic “accounts” are cumulative. It is important for us to be very vigilant about our own karma because any loss or harm that we cause, small or big, will eventually come back to us. Conversely, every pure act of benevolence will come back. What we have done in the past is not as critical as what we do right now. If you feel that it is not right to consume eggs or onions or alcohol, then find out why. You can get answers to your questions at your Brahma Kumaris centre. There is no need to regret past actions once we choose to make better choices in the future. We change our destiny by doing this. Discover your own divine spiritual nature and develop it as fully as you can. This is what makes life satisfying.
0 # Vaishali 2017-07-05 10:45
I want sister Shivanis contact no to discuss my personal problem thank you
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-07-07 16:45
It is not possible for Sister Shivani to contact everyone personally. She listens to the concerns that people talke about and she addresses them in her lectures. Keep listening to the classes and you will find good answers and good advice.
Pranjal Madaan
0 # Pranjal Madaan 2017-06-27 19:05
Om Shanti. Ma'am, i want to know what is the concept of illuminati. I really don't understand what happen to these people in the end(the followers of illuminati). I always keep on thinking how hitler will get punishment of his karma. I have many questions. Ma'am i'm a teen. I don't know who to discuss my problem with? Sometimes it feels like wheather to discuss or ask them from brahma kumaris. I believe in shivbaba. But then i eat onion, eggs and twice or thrice i have taken alcohol. I sometimes regret upon my karma for these things. i don't know why. It feels like i am betraying god, and mai bhagwan ki bachi kehlane layak ni samjhti fir khudko.
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-06-25 23:12
Within every human body is a human soul. Generally, when a soul leaves its body at death, the soul goes into the body of a fetus in a womb. However occasionally, the departed soul remains without taking another body for a while. That soul is referred to as a spirit or ghost.
0 # Mrugakshi 2017-06-28 20:09
Shivani Didi
I brouse your all speech on youtube I am so confused .I Am a married woman I lived in joint family with 11 people .we all have different thoughts. I believe in cleanliness one of my jethani regularly mess kitchen and put the things improper way one of them is liar she lies every Now and then.. How To handle such kind of people
Another thing is because all of this I lose my temper and I became engry on my two year old girl I felt guilty for it I want to chang my self and my thoughts
So that I can't think bad about thoes who behav worst or do something messy with me
Please please please guide me
I want to be a good person and pure soul .. I want to think positive but right now because all of this things whole the time negative thoughts make me disturbe.
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-07-07 16:20
Most of us feel disturbed in one way of another by the habits of people who are close to us. The key to happiness is having a very beautiful inner world that is exactly the way I like it. I have complete control over my inner world. If I like cleanliness and truth and harmony, then I keep my thoughts clean and truthful and harmonious. Regardless of what people are doing in the home, I don’t allow anything negative to touch my inner world. I stay peaceful inside. I fill myself with the sunshine of happy thoughts and good wishes towards others. I accumulate the energy of peace so that I can nourish my child with peace. This practice takes constant attention. If I forget, and start thinking about the annoying habits of others, my inner world will suffer. Instead, be the best you can be so that your child feels like she lives in a world of sunshine.
Lakinder Singh
0 # Lakinder Singh 2017-06-21 13:22
Is ghosts or spirits exists .
smruti prava panda
0 # smruti prava panda 2017-06-21 12:43
HI ,
I want to talk to Sister Shivani regarding my personal problem.
How can i contact her either by mail or phone.

Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-06-25 23:22
In her TV series, Sister Shivani address common issues that people everywhere face. And in her discussions, she sheds light on spiritual principles and practices that can be applied to any issue. This is how Sister Shivani reaches out to help people with their personal problems. If you view some of her series and episodes, you will find ideas that are very helpful with your situation. Her approach is to help people resolve their personal problems by helping them understand universal principles that lead to solutions.
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-06-09 22:48
The laws of karma is a very deep concept and one that takes concentrated study and reflection in order to fully understand. In brief, everything that happens to us is “pre-determined” by our previous actions. The previous actions may be things that we have done in this lifetime and could also be things that we have done in previous life times. To complicate matters, our intentions carry more karmic weight than the actions themselves. So, yes, everything is pre-determined, meaning that everything has a cause. The good news is that we can create a good future by performing actions that are benevolent and spiritually grounded.
0 # Ani 2017-06-08 02:57
Is everything written already? Can it be changed? My mom says that every individual's partner (spouse) is pre-determined. Is that true?
0 # ANIL 2017-06-07 11:27
hello sister , how can we get rid of negative and unwanted thoughts which creates stress and we want to avoid it but couldn't manage
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-06-09 22:58
The first step is to understand who is creating the unwanted thoughts and who has the ability to say “No” to them. Within our consciousness is a mind and an intellect. The intellect’s job is to manage our thoughts. When the intellect doesn’t do its job, we are flooded with negativity. To be free from negative or unwanted thoughts, the intellect needs to be clear, strong and stable. We need to first understand how consciousness works (this is covered in the introductory meditation course offered by Brahma Kumaris) and then we need to practice paying attention to our thoughts and managing them.
0 # Preeti 2017-06-01 02:53
Hi sister shivani, I love watching your videos as I find great peace and relaxation when watching them However, lately, I've been struggling to find peace within myself or feel any kind of connection to God. I'm 16 years old, I used to be pray every single day and tried to reflect upon my day every night with meditation but now I can't seem to get myself to do that anymore. I feel very lost and lonely, I do not get along with my parents as I'm always snapping at them and being disrespectful. I get into constant fights with my family and I think I'm the problem. I think I am stressed subconsciously for the next stages in my life and college that I keep getting angry at everyone. I'm struggling to find inner peace and curb my anger, it is all boiling up inside me and makes me feel extremely alone and unloved. Please give me some spiritual guidance, I feel as if God has left me and my family is tired of me.
Thank you
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-06-09 22:51
Your sincere desire to have good relations with your family will lead you successfully through this difficult transition in your life. There is a saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” The best way to attract God’s help is to commit yourself to raising your level of spiritual power and understanding. Just as you are preparing for a higher level of academic challenge, you are also preparing for a higher level of personal independence that requires both emotional control and wisdom. Skills and understanding will serve you throughout life. You can go to your local Brahma Kumaris Centre and learn a variety of spiritual skills and understanding. Remember that your family loves you as much as you love them. They want what is best for you. Your personal development will bring peace and happiness to your family.
Honey verma
0 # Honey verma 2017-05-31 17:05
Hi sister shivani,
I really want to discuss my serious problem with you.
Can you please contact me .i really need your advice.
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-06-09 22:51
Sister Shivani is not able to contact people personally. If you have a question or a comment, you can follow the instructions at the end of her programs.
0 # hiteshkumar 2017-05-31 16:58
i am working in well organisation. in my work two person involve per shift to do
same work problem is there one person do not work & get credit same as another person who work wht can i do .same thoughts coming whole day and night i am doing work and get credit both same.
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-06-09 22:52
We each have to take responsibility for our own efforts. We can’t make other people do what we would like them to do. We receive the karmic consequences of our own actions. The challenge is to follow our own inner values and perform our own responsibilities with lightness, commitment and detachment, regardless of what other people do.
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-05-06 23:22
It’s a great idea to try to help a person with a serious problem. The person with the problem would need to be willing to accept help. You might want to start by directing the person to the series (on YouTube) with Sister Shivani’s and Dr. Girish Patel on Giving Up Addiction. Addictions are very strong and deep. Generally, one needs to go through a structured addiction recovery programme, and stay with the program even after the addiction has been conquered to become completely free from the addiction.
chanchal verma
0 # chanchal verma 2017-05-03 17:56
Meri Badi behen jab se Shadi Hui h ..Uska pati use torture karta h...Bina wajah...Itna torture kiya ki Ab wo depression me chali gai h...hum Sab uske liye prayer Karte h Ki Uska sansar sundar Ho jaye but Aisa lagta h Ki Humare liye Kisi bhi bhagwan ya baba Koi h hi nahi ....naubat Ye Aa gai h ki Ab hum Ye dua Karte h Ki wo khud hi bhagwan k paas chali jaye ...Ye sochna bhi Itna painful h...Aur wo last 12 saal se Ye pain jhel rahi h...Kya kare...
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-05-07 21:38
If you want to help your sister, you would need to see what resources are available in your community. In most countries, abusing one’s wife is a criminal offense. The government has departments to help women who are in abusive situations. There are also social service agencies available in many places. If the family has influence over the husband, that would also be a resource. It generally takes a combination of two or more resources to free a wife from abuse.
shiv kumar
0 # shiv kumar 2017-05-03 09:39
om shanti will I do trataka at home or not?
can u tell me the procedure ? it will cause any harm
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-05-07 21:40
Brahma Kumaris practice Raja Yoga Meditation to quiet the mind, develop focus, and connect with the Supreme Soul. We do not engage in other practices, nor do we have any information about other practices.
0 # karishma 2017-04-25 18:49
I want to help someone with a major gambling addiction.. what can i do..?if this person doesnt get help soon.. it might be too late.
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-03-22 15:28
Being in business exposes one to the vulnerability of cycles. At the down side of the cycle, one must make his best effort to be resourceful, innovative, courageous and positive. It is very difficult to be all these things in a state of depression. You can better address your business situation from a calm and detached state of mind. Don’t drain your valuable energy! Be open to new ideas. Meditation is a tremendous tool for keeping the mind calm and the intellect sharp.
0 # ritu 2017-03-20 09:48
i want to discuss that if i did a mistake in past but do the same in present then what is the cause by which i have do this? I do not understand how to sharp my mind so that i cannot repeat my mistake again and learn from my mistake.
0 # Shoshma 2017-05-04 03:23
Hi sister shivani my name is Shoshma ,me and my husband are totally opposite persnolities .MY believes and his belivies are different .we are together for 21 years still did not understand each other .His mood fluctuates easily all the time wanted to control me. Iam dr but practicing we are in Canada and I did not succeed this is a big issuse he wants me to divorce but he doesn't want to do it he wants me to do .I don't want to do that .However, nothing is working for both of us I tried to keep my self calm ,but now I don't have energy and power to keep calm .i get irritated and agitated feels I'm useless ,no worth of life .He feels he is providing me and kids money with lot of stress and thinks I am happy .i try my best to keep things together but doing alone made me sick now .i feel I lost myself just living like dad body .I am so much dependent on him that I cannot make any decision myself. He wants me to start business but I don't have any money to do that.My real question is how I can live with someone who all the time tells you that give me divorce.h
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-05-06 23:52
You say that nothing is working in your marriage, but you have been together for 21 years! When we have to face difficult relationships, the first step is to make the self clear and strong. Have you ever taken a Raja Yoga Meditation course with the Brahma Kumaris? The course helps us understand ourselves, our feelings and our lives. Once we understand ourselves, we are better able to understand others, and then we can see what to do about relationships. You must have many good virtues and qualities which can help you move yourself and your family in the direction you want. “When we change, the world changes.”
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-03-31 22:09
The seeds of our actions are thoughts. If we keep thinking the same way we did in the past, we will be compelled to repeat our past actions, even if we know they are wrong. To make a better response, a response that is free from mistakes, we have to launch a completely different way of thinking, and focus on some positive outcome that we would like to create. The intellect needs to be very diligent about only allowing the mind to entertain thoughts about the positive outcome, knowing that the old thoughts will lead us to repeat past mistakes. The intellect needs a lot of pure, positive energy to resist old ways of thinking and steer the mind in positive directions. This energy comes from making a connection with the Divine and drawing upon Divine energy.
mona sharma
0 # mona sharma 2017-03-19 17:22
I m always so depressed n under pressure i want to come out all of these......i want remove my fear
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-03-31 17:36
Fear and depression generally accumulate over a long period of time, finally reaching an intensity that is intolerable. To come out of this state, it is necessary to first understand the natural and original state of the soul, which is peace, love, lightness and contentment. Then, one must understand how the mistakes we have made in processing our lives have led us slowly and surely into negative and unhappy states. Once we realize this, we can find the strength to follow the path back to inner health and wellness. It takes a lot of strength because the path must be followed every day. You may want to review Sr Shivani’s #7 episode on Conquering our Weaknesses to get an overview of how this process works.
0 # Priya 2017-03-19 11:44
I want to live in brahmakumari ashram with my baby boy whatever work I can do
Please grant my request
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-03-25 22:40
The Brahma Kumaris do not have ashrams where communities of people can live together. We have service centres. The sisters and brothers who live in the centres are first students of the Brahma Kumaris for many years, focusing on their own spiritual development and helping to take care of their local centres as volunteers. They then go through a training program for several years. You are most welcome to study and meditate at your local Brahma Kumaris centre. Many centres allow small children to come with their parents. If you would also like to help in service, the teachers at your centre can suggest ways to do this.
0 # ABHIJIT BHATTACHARJEE 2017-03-12 16:43
Respected Madam, My self Mr. Abhijit Bhattacharjee running tours & travels business. Madam by the grace of almighty God my business was running well but suddenly it completely stops. I am not getting any customers and can't run my business conveniently. As it is my only income source to run my family i am very much depressed. How will i overcome from this problem. Please suggest.

Thanking you
Abhijit Bhattacharjee
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-02-03 15:47
Your questions reflect a deep commitment to spiritual study and enlightenment. The Brahma Kumaris study spiritual knowledge which was given by God through a human being named Brahma Baba. We consider Brahma Baba to be our first teacher and the best example of putting the teachings into practice in day to day life. All BKs study the same teachings that Brahma Baba studied and look to him as a very high state of peace, purity and contentment that we too can achieve by following the studies diligently. If you would like to delve more deeply into the spiritual teachings of the Brahma Kumaris, the best way is to contact your local centre and arrange for classes in Raja Yoga.
0 # MALLIKARJUN KAPSE 2017-01-19 07:12
I am from solapur maharashtra I wish to attend sister shivani classes,pl send me details of classes in which city and time so we attend classes
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2017-02-03 23:32
Sister Shivani’s classes are generally recorded on video so that anyone can take benefit from her teachings. She occasionally makes live apearances. You can find out about her personal appearances and also view her recorded classes on [censored]://
0 # M J CHAWLA 2017-01-08 07:46
 Regular listener “ PEACE OF MIND CHANNEL” Average 2 hours last 2 years
 AGE 66 YRS, ME MBA (Sindhi),Visiting often indore “OM SHANTI BHAVAN”
 Retired G M, wish to live Spiritual -Social life,Visited Mount BK HQ.
 ============================================================
*Is it necessary to make “GURU” in life ?
*Like Veda, Geeta, Gu Granth” do we have BRAHMA BABA sayings consolidated form
*Indian Ancient literature deals with all fields ( Astronomy,Astrology,Ayurveda etc etc), How about Us!!
*Life on other planets: No of souls fix, Satyug,Treata,Dwapar ,Kalyug and Sangam
Nine lac souls,---,----,---- Present Souls will stay where when satyug starts
Karma theory etc

Is it true BK Spread during recent 40 years many fold in compare to initial period.

Similar many more questions , which may be in minds of many many souls.
Can we have series of episodes !

0 # Murad 2016-11-15 20:32
Can I have an email
Address so I can ask my questions pls.
Could you pls send me your reply to my email address.
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2016-12-01 16:28
We do not have an email id for Sister Shivani. You can send a message to the email id at the end of the program, or you can ask questions at this website.
Dilbag Singh
0 # Dilbag Singh 2016-10-18 06:53
I want to attend your seminar at mount abu Rajasthan. Therefore please intimate date and time and other mandatory documents so that I can clean soul by your vibration please, please,
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2016-10-27 19:44
Thank you for your interest in attending our spiritual headquarters, Madhuban, in Mt. Abu. The programs for the next several months will be for BK students who attend class at a BK center each day and follow the spiritual life as outlined by the Brahma Kumaris. Other visitors are requested to first take the full introductory course at a BK Centre before going to Madhuban. This is so that the visitor can understand the knowledge, meditate properly and take full advantage of the program. The vibrations are very nice but there effect will be short lived if there is no understanding. Each BK centre in India organizes certain programs for people of that region to visit Madhuban. You can find out from your local centre what programs are available and what qualifications are needed to attend.
0 # laxmi.killedar 2015-11-25 06:42
These are wonderful thoughts sister shivani sharing with us...i am thankful to you sister...
0 # sunil 2015-10-18 20:28
Very good
ashok sase
0 # ashok sase 2014-11-08 06:55
dear sister shivani your single lecture changed whole my life now every day i m watching on astha chanel at 7.10 pm every day & trying to change myself by removing all negativity inside me also located bk meditation centre very soon will start to attend the same
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2016-10-27 19:46
Shubhra Tiwari
0 # Shubhra Tiwari 2014-07-24 10:49
Sister Shivani your knowledge and conversations have changed my life totally, you have taught about self awareness and self realization which is amazing starting for a being to start with a new beginning.
Om Shanti
Shubhra Tiwari
Mary (Moderator)
0 # Mary (Moderator) 2016-10-27 19:47
Best wishes for your spiritual journey!
Shubhra Tiwari
0 # Shubhra Tiwari 2014-07-22 09:34
Whenever I watch this video I feel like somebody is guiding me the real purpose of life its all about one being's state. Happiness is unlimited and its our own creation.Sister Shivani and Brahma Kumaris are really working towards a noble cause.Its really helpful for us.
Paras C.
0 # Paras C. 2014-07-12 21:14
Excellent answers by bk shivani.
Supratik Sen
0 # Supratik Sen 2014-05-22 11:53
Sister Shivani,
I have been watching your show with this brilliant interviewer since more than two years now. I marvel at the way you touch upon the most difficult and unanswered places, that clarity can ceases to play hide and seek. What I see in you and all BKs is the quietness and strength. Here's wishing you all the best so you can continue to serve humanity across the world.
Best regards,
Supratik Sen
amit sharma
0 # amit sharma 2014-05-19 18:34
Sister Shivani having seen your programs I realised the true sense of my life.
Day by day my life is changing and I am becoming pure being. Thank you so much for such wonderful thoughts.

Regards & om Shanti
Amit Sharma
0 # Hemangi 2014-05-12 19:00
Om shanti
i am watching this show from last 1 and half year. And i experience that i forgot to cry thank u sister shivani god bless u
0 # V.Ramkumar 2014-04-17 10:52
Dear Sister,
I am a senior citizen, My wife and me are following your lectures both through this web site and also in Sanskar TV Channel. We really admire your knowledge, and your ability to explain difficult things in a simple manner for a common people to understand. Spirituality is a heavy subject which one can't easily understand. To understand it the preacher should have the ability to attract them towards it and you have been blessed with this ability by the Supreme Power and we pray for your long life and good health to enable you to serve our humanity. Thanks and regards.
0 # Vikram 2013-08-28 06:25
Dear Sister Shivani - Thanks for your messages - i am so addicted to your messages as it makes me feel peaceful and not let the negativities in the world affect me. Many times my mind has a lot of noise and your messages really help to calm me. I have to deal with angry and stubborn people almost every day and its so important to keep myself calm and i am able to do it because of you! - thanks a lot for doing whatever you are - god bless you! Om shanti!
0 # Atul 2013-06-06 05:52
Sister Shivani, With continous listening of your program, I have changed considerably and feel really good. Thanks..
0 # Tulsi 2013-03-22 19:58
God Bless you my sister.
umesh sharma
0 # umesh sharma 2013-03-07 08:20
sister shiwani,
i watch everyday your show ,which is wonderful and such a peach full thoughts ....the way you explain the things really appreciated and loveing..i follow the preach you give in my daily life.

umesh sharma
0 # Rahul 2012-09-01 13:45
This divine and Superb.. knowledge gives me an idea how can i change my thought power to change myself by my positive energy.
Mahendra Singhvi
0 # Mahendra Singhvi 2012-02-19 01:52
Sister Shivani is amazing. One of the finest orators I have heard in recent times, with such a poise and peaceful expression. One cannot but simply listen to her, enraptured in the magic of her priceless message! More power to her!! Om Shanti.
0 # Sanchoita 2011-11-21 15:19
someday before i have listen your programe on Sanskar channel...its was amazing experience.Now a days I can findout my fault easily.. but right now my cable channel could not connect this channel.But I regularly remind your speech myself.And I can easily overcome my daily upcoming problem.
thanks a lot Sister Shivani.
dr tanmaya
0 # dr tanmaya 2011-11-21 11:54
simple pure heart touching. worth my time watching these .thanks alot
0 # pardeep 2011-09-26 10:49
very nice.Thanks.
0 # Ketan 2011-06-29 17:33
Amazing. Sister Shivani, your oration is wornderful and connects directly to my soul. Seems like I am talking to my inner soul and searching for answers. It bought peace to me, which cannot be explain nor weight.
sonali bhakta
0 # sonali bhakta 2011-04-24 21:48
wonderful awakening for me. looks like all remedy is here. thanks sister shivani and kanupriya for bringing this wonderful light to us.
Alankrit S Bhalla
0 # Alankrit S Bhalla 2011-03-03 02:45
Awakening us through our wrong belief systems
0 # Pooja 2011-03-01 00:12
Hariom sister shivani it is great and amazing thought u give us.u change my life. thankyou so much

om thanks
ajay kumar
0 # ajay kumar 2011-02-16 17:02
your advices r vry correct and i belive most of the people need these in todays life....over and above da way u put these in words r vry vry effective. Thank you so much sister shivani
0 # Dr.HrisikeshContractor 2011-02-15 10:39
0 # yogita 2011-01-03 05:37
It's so clear now. In fact we also had same questions which are answered. It's really amazing. Thank you so much sister Shivani.
0 # Amir 2010-11-02 20:08
This is the best of the best advice
from the great person like sister
SHIVANI. She has lots of spiritual advice which is almost like looking your self within your self & gives you self confidence in life
Sister Shivani, God bless you.
Ashwani Parashar
0 # Ashwani Parashar 2010-08-21 04:39
This is a great video guiding people for obtaining peace,knowledge and wisdom and protecting individuals from sufferings.
0 # vikash 2010-08-13 23:16
it is great amazing.
thax a lot
0 # noor 2010-07-30 07:51
0 # NILAY GOHIL 2010-04-24 14:15
Wow! what a amaizing conversation sister shivani I was just completely forget that I am a man body it's totally different divine vibration coming from sister shivani when she was very calmly n deeply pure sweet words were coming out from her I believe thanks Parmatma that I got opportunity to leasen this beatiful knowledge speech. Thanks you so much sister shivani bless me. Nilay