Soul Connections 11 - Healing Rejection

November 25, 2011

Shivani talks about: The elder child feels rejected when a baby is born and can create energy of hatred towards the sibling which can stay as a sanskar even after the children grow up. Parents need to heal the rejection of the elder child.

and much more...

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#51 2018-05-10 17:15 - Mary (Moderator)
A slogan of the Brahma Kumaris is “Don’t give sorrow; don’t take sorrow.” We all know it is wrong to give sorrow to another living being. But we often ignore our spiritual responsibility to not take sorrow from the words or actions of others. We each have to make our own decisions based on what we feel is best. If we do what someone else wants, we will not respect ourselves and we will then blame the other person for our feeling low. Through Raja Yoga we learn to understand our own needs and desires, follow our own values and principles, and take responsibility for our own happiness. This is a lot to take on, and fortunately the Supreme Soul helps because He wants us to be free, responsible and happy.
#50 2018-03-29 16:15 - Mary (Moderator)
Thinking, remembering, recognizing, understanding are all functions of the soul, the inner being of light. However, the soul uses the brain to store and process information. If parts of the brain are missing or damaged, then the soul will have difficulty in even the simple tasks of daily life. Your doctor would be the best one to help you understand what is happening in your brain. However, you can focus on developing the qualities of the soul – peace, love, purity, bliss. This is done through meditation. You can either visit a Brahma Kumaris centre or you can listen to meditation commentaries online from a Brahma Kumaris website. The more you nourish the soul, the better you will be able to cope with the limite capacities of the brain.
#49 2018-03-27 23:34 - Savi
I have brain cancer I have brain surgery some time my brain no work I don't know what I do what I did what I doing I can understand let me know what I fix this issue
#48 2017-10-16 11:05 - Vishal
Depression and career
#47 2017-10-09 19:26 - Mary (Moderator)
We want to help the people we love and it is difficult when they do not accept our help. However, no one can change unless he or she wants to change and sees a good reason to change. As you take good care of yourself and make good decisions for the well-being of the family, you will be a good role model for your children. You can teach your children how to communicate clearly, setting a good example by responding warmly to their attempts at good communication. If your husband is not ready to speak with you directly, he can learn by watching. You can still speak to him, even if he chooses not to respond. Keep a positive attitude so that others can learn from you. As the harmony in the home increases, your husband may feel comfortable enough to speak. Even if he doesn’t, other family members will appreciate your positive energy.
#46 2017-10-02 22:22 - Mary (Moderator)
Raja yoga meditation is a process of looking within and seeing the qualities, the light and the beauty of the soul. From that place of inner radiance, we connect with our supremely loving Spiritual Father. Raja yoga meditation helps us realize that we are souls and the bodies are our vehicles. The bodies are extremely important because through them we express the beauty and truth of the soul. Raja yoga meditation helps us appreciate the body without trying to change it, and use it in ways that bring peace and joy to the self and the world
#45 2017-09-27 18:16 - Poonam
Om Shanti...I am 42 yrs old female..having facial Hyperpigmentation since past 3 yrs...I have done basic course from one of Baba's centres.Will meditation with guided imagery help or any other piece of advice or guidance for me.
#44 2017-09-24 17:39 - Mary (Moderator)
It is wonderful that you are trying to control the mind, but remember to guide it with love and patience. I would suggest that you and your son accept whatever emotions you are having with love. Understand that we have been different genders in different births, so don’t worry if you have attachment to being a particular gender. Meditation and the practice of enjoying being a soul and being soul conscious helps one stabilize in one’s core qualities. As all your beautiful core qualities are naturally in the soul, they do not change with a preference to a gender or a change of gender. So, perhaps do not worry about this gender issue so much, but do what is comfortable for you and see a therapist if you are conflicted about it. But, mostly, enjoy your naturally beautiful qualities as a soul, and be light about your gender preference. Meditate every day … be light, and know that you are God’s beloved child.
#43 2017-09-05 14:47 - Niharika
Can u please how to control mind when we have gender disphoria. Please record a video on it. There r so many succidal happening everywhere in the world. My son is facing this too. Please help me in this
#42 2017-08-17 22:20 - Mary (Moderator)
The best way to start is to take a course so that you receive step-by-step instruction by an experienced meditator. You can enquire about meditation courses at the Brahma Kumaris Centre near you. If you are not sure where that is, you can check the Centre Locator tab on this website.
#41 2017-08-02 17:19 - PUJA
how can i will start meditation.
#40 2017-05-19 16:39 - Mary (Moderator)
Helping a child develop healthy and positive sanskars is a wonderful aim for a parent. The Brahma Kumaris offer many courses in developing good sanskars – Positive Thinking, Overcoming Anger, Stress Free Living, True Self Esteem, etc. If your parenting responsibilities do not allow you to attend a class, you can find some of these courses online. As you develop your own positive sanskars, you will be able to guide your daughter to do the same. In her infancy, you can help her shape good sanskars by allowing her to join you when you practice meditation, and by maintaining a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in the home.
#39 2017-05-17 10:35 - Rohini Sharma
Om Shanti. I have an 8th month old daughter. I wish to induce such sanskars in her so as to help her become a stable minded individual making the most of human life. Kindly advice if Brahma Kumaris offer such courses.
#38 2017-05-06 23:40 - Mary (Moderator)
Raja Yoga Meditation helps us become more table and peaceful. The brain supports the soul during meditation practice, and eventually the brain learns ways to automatically maintain a higher level of calm. In some forms of mental illness, or due to some medications for mental illness, the brain does not respond to meditation in standard ways. The brain may even respond in ways that are harmful. This is why doctors sometimes say that meditation should not be practiced by people who are being treated for mental illness. In the case of your wife, it may be possible for her to practice having peaceful and positive thoughts, which is the first step in meditation. Check if your doctor is familiar with this practice and can suggest a practice that would be beneficial for your wife. If your doctor is not familiar with meditation practices, you might want to see if there is another doctor who is more knowledgeable in this area. Raja Yoga Meditation cannot treat mental illness. We always recommend that people follow the doctor’s advice in attempting meditation when mental illness is involved.
#37 2017-05-03 11:20 - chitte chintaman

AMALNER 425401
MOB-94215 19163

#36 2017-02-03 15:36 - Mary (Moderator)
Love is an intrinsic energy of a soul, an energy that the soul can use to sustain itself and also to connect with others. When our love feels depleted, we turn to others to supply us with love. This makes relationships difficult and unfulfilling. In Raja Yoga we learn a method of connecting with the Supreme Soul whose love is always pure, benevolent and available. When we are strong in love ourselves, we can enter into healthy loving relationships with others.
#35 2016-10-27 19:32 - Mary (Moderator)
It is very difficult to watch the suffering of loved ones and not get involved. However, the more we suffer along with them, the less capable we are of extending any genuine help. When our family members are suffering, they are not able to create their own peaceful, positive and loving thoughts. Their energy gets completed depleted. Out of love for them, we need to detach from their problems and recognize that they need to resolve their own issues. However, we can help by being a positive influence. Visualize the family problems being resolved. Do not discuss the problems with others; just focus your energy on positive outcomes. Encourage your family members to stop being thinking and speaking about your brother’s difficulties, as negative energy only makes the situation worse. See yourself as an agent of peace. Practice feeling peaceful inside, and practice sending peaceful thoughts to your family members.
#34 2016-10-27 19:31 - Mary (Moderator)
The Brahma Kumaris do not practice water healing. Sorry – we cannot help you with this.
#33 2016-10-27 19:29 - Mary (Moderator)
These kinds of conditions need to be diagnosed by a mental health professional. While meditation can often help, it needs to be pursued as part of an overall program that may also include counseling and/or medication. It is best to consult a doctor, psychologist or counselor, and discuss the possibility of using meditation with your health care professional.
#32 2016-10-27 19:28 - Mary (Moderator)
13 year old boys go through many internal changes which can make them impulsive, moody and unstable. They need parental guidance that is both loving and firm. The parents may sometimes respond to the children by being annoyed or fearful. This can further confuse the child. If your son has become unmanageable in the home and at school, you might want to consult a child specialist. A specialist can help your son manage his feelings and help you and your husband create guidelines and consequences for his behavior. Each family member can contribute to a higher level of harmony and peace in the home. You can take the first steps towards this. It might take a little time and patience for your husband and son to understand the importance of their contributions.
#31 2016-10-27 19:27 - Mary (Moderator)
When we get involved in painful relationships, there is often some pull from our past that is keeping us there. The pull may be old habits of misjudging, or it could be old karmic patterns. Either way, the best thing to do is to create new, healthy ways of being in relationships. This starts with taking an assessment. You mentioned that you have shed lots of tears and your studies are suffering. How would you like to feel? What would you like to gain from your studies? Both your present state of well-being and your future professional life need some attention right now. They can’t get that attention when your emotions are draining your energy. Perhaps, with great love and sensitivity, you could step away from the relationship for a little while to ask yourself what would be best for you. This takes a lot of courage and faith in the self. When you have some clear answers, you will feel calmer inside and better able to concentrate.
#30 2016-10-27 19:26 - Mary (Moderator)
Overcoming anger is something that we each have to do for ourselves. However, we can create an atmosphere that helps other people to stay peaceful. To do this, we must diligently practice peace. The phrase “Om shanti” means “I am a peaceful soul.” This is an eternal truth. In the Brahma Kumaris, we say “Om shanti” silently to the self frequently during the day, and let the feeling and understanding of being a peaceful soul circulate throughout our consciousness. We often practice this before performing an action, and then hold this consciousness during the action. Over time, the inner feeling of peace strengthens, so much that we are not very much influenced by disturbances around us. Also, if we intentionally practice this for longer periods of time, we can create an atmosphere of peace that affects other people, and allows them to feel relaxed inside.
#29 2016-10-27 19:26 - Mary (Moderator)
You will be happy to know that there are Brahma Kumaris centers in both Tampa and Orlando. Sister Shireen, who you may have seen in some of these online talks, manages the Tampa center. You can look at the centre locator in the upper right hand corner of the Home Page to get contact information for those two centers.
#28 2016-10-27 19:25 - Mary (Moderator)
These videos were made at a previous time and are now being viewed around the world on various websites. Sister Shivani is not present to speak with people personally. If there is a Brahma Kumaris centre close to you, you can speak with a BK teacher there. The teachers at your centre study the same spiritual knowledge that Sister Shivani studies.
#27 2016-10-27 19:22 - Mary (Moderator)
We generally sit in meditation at 4:00 am, and then bathe.
#26 2016-10-26 17:43 - Balram
Mediation in morning 4 o clk bath is necessary or otherwise
#25 2016-10-19 18:37 - Nimesh Trivedi
Om Shanti sister Bk Shivani Didi

I would like discuss my current situation with you . I need positive power . if possible so didi help me out of this situation
Thank you
Om Shanti ||
#24 2016-10-13 03:42 - poonamalee malika
I am moving to Florida (orlando) would like to continue gyan both in Tampa and Orlando
Om Shanti
#23 2016-10-12 15:31 - duh
How to set peace in mind of an anger person?
#22 2016-10-12 05:51 - SANU
i was in a so called relationship with a girl of my age ( age 22 ). i am a medical student. But from the beginning she was always attracted to other men. At times she also ignored me. She instead rejected me the first time i committed my feelings for her....but aftr few months she herself approached me. i thought she might have changed and i accepted her.But i was wrong...she went on her chit chats and all sorts of things with other men...and whenever i wanted to clarify ..she used to say ." u r a kind of boy who will never understand anything...i dont to live with people who restricts me or controls me..i want to be free " . I didnt impose any restrictions upon her ..i wanted a faithfull relationship ...have i demanded more ??? she has "dont care"feeling for me....whether i talk to her or not it doesnt really matter to her. My friends adviced me to quit the relationship.. but i am facing problem as my feelings emotions were strongly truthfully and devotedly meant for her. I am facing problems in concentrating in my studies also because of her. Enough of tears i have shed ...coudnt find what to do and how to do..please help .
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