We all need peace at this time.
Dear Friend,

Om shanti. Greetings of peace. We all need peace at this time, because
everyone’s heart is broken.  The words “I am peace” act like glue to
mend the heart.  In sweet silence, we experience peace.

To experience peace, we first need introversion. To become introverted,
we have to ignore the disturbances on the outside.  We have to finish
everything useless.  Go deep inside yourself and experience the power of
introspection. This will enable you to develop concentration, which is
at the heart of raj yoga meditation. You will experience the benefits of
meditation -- purity, peace, love and happiness.

Meditation finishes past wounds. Wounds are caused by remembering the
past in the present.  When something happens, it can re-open wounds.
With introversion we go inside and experience sweet silence. We do not
take sorrow in the present, and we don’t go into the past.  Past is
past.  When we sit in silence, the past remains the past and our present
becomes filled with sweet silence and peace.

With love,

BK Janki

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