Experience dead silence

Dear Friends,

Om shanti. Our ability to go deeply into silence brings us many benefits.  It is when the soul is in dead silence that it is able to go beyond its accumulated sanskars (patterns) and karma and see its original nature clearly.  I may have been making overall spiritual effort for a long period of time, but this effort alone would only take me so far. It is when I make the effort to experience dead silence, that I am able to capture the awareness of myself in my original form, the form to which I am returning once again.  When I am in this stage, the catching power of the soul is immense and the inner experience is very powerful.

With love,

BK Janki

#19 2011-12-16 12:27 - Annie
Dadi janki its very nice to read this message
#18 2011-12-12 05:09 - Sheetal Ganatra

I have been a regular observer or sister shivani must be for the past 4 yrs. I agree with my brahmakumari brothers and sisters. We should be soul consious but the inspirational messages have stopped and feel trapped into illusion (maya) again. Its difficult but not Impossible and that is the only way out for drained out souls in this Kalyugh

#17 2011-12-07 10:20 - Nagraj DVG

Dear Friends, Last week (30-Nov-2011-Wednesday) i was at Madhuban.  No words to express the joy and remarkable feeling which triggered my soul to know about me during Baba's milana. im lucky enough to meet Janki Dadi, Gulzar Dadi, Ratanmohini Dadi, Nirwair Bhai and many more great souls at Shanthivan mount abu, where they are doing astonishing seva for world peace, and welfare of this mankind. *****Om Shanti

#16 2011-12-07 04:43 - vinod dethe

om shanti friends i complete the 7 days rajyoga meditation course at bk centre in navipeth pune. i realised my true self -  being a peacefu happy soul in the form of light. God shiva the Supreme Soul, Father of all souls in the form of light who is the ocean of peace, happiness, love, and compasion. i leaned the practice of rajyoga meditation consistently. i am getting peace and happiness. We have to remember God and connect to him to charge our battery i experieced it when i am passing through the worst phase of life. thanks to bk family.

#15 2011-12-05 17:10 - Bharat lal shah

I just want to say WOW. The insight our Dadiji is having comes in her words. I really feel each and every word. Om Shanti Dadiji.

#14 2011-12-04 15:58 - anubha

awakening with bks changed my life towards the better. I Want to thank BKs for doing such great work. Ur simplistic and practical apporach to life's complexities is truly admirable and very deeply appreciated. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

#13 2011-12-01 06:26 - rajinder singh
My life changed totally when i first saw few episodes of awakening with brahma kumaris. I am a peaceful soul now and no one has the power to disturb my mind. Thanks to BK. Love you
#12 2011-11-30 16:13 - Baskaran

In true silence the ego disappears and gives way to feeling the inner experience. We begin to understand our true nature. In that spiritual state we become humble and begin to trust that everything is in control by the Supreme power.

#11 2011-11-30 07:15 - Miguel Paiva

Om Shanti Dadiji, great insight.

#10 2011-11-29 08:52 - Binu bharathan K

One week before i attended the 7 days classes in Kerala at Kunnamkulam branch, BK Rekha took a class and gave so many valuable words which inspired me, my thoughts have fully changed now and I have totally changed my mind thanks to BKs and sister Rekha.

#9 2011-11-29 06:19 - Tim
There have been a few moments in my life when I have experienced something like what you describe, it is a remarkable feeling of awakening. This is my first visit here and I am thankful for finding you.
#8 2011-11-29 06:03 - vishnu

OM Shanti Great natural thought, in a deep silence switch off human system to recover and restore original form. Thanks Dadiji.

#7 2011-11-29 03:40 - Alexander Lee
Such a beautiful aim - to find deep silence and see our original nature. But I find it so difficult to achieve. But got to keep trying :)
#6 2011-11-28 13:41 - sreedevi

all of Dadiji's talks are really inspirational and spread peace and compassion please send us more messages.

#5 2011-11-28 00:17 - Maria del Carmen

Om shanti. Mike George was teaching us in Argentina about this. I got to experience during his workshop dead silence. I usually do that alone at home in my meditation room. It is bliss to meditate among other students and still make this comforting union with Baba. Your insights get this far. Gratitude to bkwsu Om Shanti Dadiji.

#4 2011-11-27 07:53 - Saroj Kumar Das

Respected Dadiji Very wonderful message for awakening of a 'dead' soul. But power of Maya is so trmendeous that it seems to be very difficult to attain this coscious stage at all time. It requires bliss of Supreme soul.

#3 2011-11-25 22:10 - Mahmood Ali
Beautiful, but still duallity.
#2 2011-11-25 18:41 - Deepali mishra

Today we aren't aware of our original nature. But is it so easy to realise our true form? I have watched a number of episodes of 'awakening with brahmakuaris'. But i realised that when i was used to watch them, i felt inspired & peace within myself. But as i am a student, so it wasn't possible for me to watch the programme regularly. When i am not able to be in touch with those inspirational messages i loose all the spiritual gains again.

#1 2011-11-25 11:32 - Amit

I just want to say WOW. The insight our Dadiji is having comes in her words. I really feel each and every word. Om Shanti Dadiji

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