The call of this time is a call for peace
Dear Friends,

The call of this time is a call for peace; becoming peaceful means seizing the reins of the out-of-control mind and bringing the runaway thoughts to a halt. It is not an empty mind that elicits a state of peace. To move into this state of profound silence, we must train the intellect to create pure and good thoughts. We must train it to concentrate. Our wasteful thoughts burden us. Our habits of creating too many thoughts and too many words exhaust the intellect. We must ask "How can I cultivate the habit of pure thoughts?"

I let go of all thoughts of discontentment and am reminded of my oldest, most intrinsic state of being. I remember this inner calm. Though I have not been here recently, I remember it as my most fundamental awareness, and a feeling of happiness and contentment wells up inside of me. In this state I know every soul to be my friend. I am my own friend. I am deeply quiet. I am silent and utterly at peace.

This deep well of peace is the original state of the soul. When I am in this state, I feel the flow of love for humanity and I feel a state more elevated than what I would normally call happiness, a state of bliss. It is when I attain this state that something truly miraculous can happen.

With love

BK Janki


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0 # Moderator 2010-06-06 13:33
Charles:  Read again
the message from Dadi, and when you sit in meditation, practice experiencing
what is said, especially the last two paragraphs.  Meditation is experienced through thought and
feelings, so when thinking these thoughts create the feelings that go with
them, this will create a shift in your consciousness, even if it is only
slightly to begin with, this practice will help and when your consciousness
changes your thoughts will change and so will your dreams and your actions.  In your daily practical life create good and
positive thoughts that lead to good actions this again will feed into your consciousness.
 Create the awareness that you have a
choice of what to think and what actions to take.  Every step you take creates your life.
Charles Lebios
0 # Charles Lebios 2010-06-04 17:05
I want to experience in meditation but how? I am from Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte. I have so many bad dreams that I have in my thoughts. And I want to change it into good dreams any dreams as long as good deeds. I really need the help on how to maintain my behavior, rather than having childlike moods, and jealousy.

respectfully yours,
0 # b.k.saravanapavan 2010-06-03 08:47
I'm from kirankulam center Batticaloa, Srilanka. For the past two years I have been attending classes and I like them very much they improve my yoga power.
0 # H S ARUN KUMAR 2010-06-02 10:45
om santhi
I am visiting my nearest centre daily and practicing Rajayoga and attending classes.This has eliminated many of my waste thoughts which were regularly disturbing me.To reach such a balanced state of mind which may take some more time for me.
anju kumar
0 # anju kumar 2010-06-01 15:17
Not until yesterday, did I come across this website, I was pondering through others which to me was just passing time and throwing my thoughts and energy around a waste time. Then today this website again touched my fingers and brought in contact with this message and the coolness,a smile and value it gave me inside. I am presently studying childcare (knowledge on children) and vow each child I come across is so unique so individual so pulling.. like Dadi your message is so pure and so touching that I want to tell the world what simple being and pure thinking, how it refreshes the soul.
0 # Anjana 2010-05-29 23:15
Recently I have been watching awakening with BKs in Aastha channel and it has really influenced me. It has helped me a lot to be happy 24/7

I would like to thank you all. Looking forward to start raj yoga meditation as well.

best wishes, Anj
Dr Prem P Atreja
0 # Dr Prem P Atreja 2010-05-29 15:27
I am retired Principal Scientist cum Professor. I have been into alternative therapies for more than two decades as well. I have found profound health benefits in my patients when they are peaceful at mind through assurance and manipulation of thoughts through counseling and at the same time explained scientific basis of healthy mind and body.
I have great respect and regard for Dadi Janki since 15th August, 1982 when I met her for the first time while she was addressing a congregation in United Nations Building New York City as a Director Overseas for the organisations. My hats off to her.
0 # sally 2010-05-28 03:45
Thank you. I am a registered nurse who deeply loves all; my residents, the folks with whom I work and my friends. I have lost my balance though. this simple meditation takes me to the beautiful place we all share and though it is difficult to take the time to listen, the simple and short time I set aside to meditate has a daylong effect. I hope to become more involved with this site as it is easy to use and I illiterate in the way of websites, Bless all, Sally
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