I am Peace

Dear Friends,

Om shanti.  Mahatma Gandhi used to say, “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil,” that is don’t listen to defamation; don’t cast a bad eye on anybody; and don’t defame anyone.  To counteract negativity, Dadi frequently uses the word “shanti,” which means peace and silence. Go into silence, discover your inner peace, become introverted and make your intellect stable. “I am peace.”

Experience peace by going deep inside. Outside there is a lot of peacelessness.  People think this is what life is about. Accumulate the power of peace by diving deep into inner silence, to discover who you are.  Think: I am peace. When you remain positive and pure, then peace and love and happiness come. Absorb these qualities into your life, and take them away with you.

Waste is dirt. Become an angel, transparent, white and light, very pure. An angel always bestows, it doesn’t ask or beg for anything. It takes care and protects things. Take light and might from up above, and then everything you do here will be right.

With love,
BK Janki


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Words for the World - Pure Feelings

Dadi Janki explains how to create pure feelings through the practice of silence.

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