Don’t over think

Dear Friends,

Om shanti. There is so much happiness that comes by following a life
filled with truth.  The one who is honest is automatically coloured by
the colour of God’s light. Make your intellect completely still and
completely stable.  Those who think too much (chintan in Hindi) and
those who worry (chinta) can never be happy.  Just continue to do good
deeds. Understand what a good deed is, and then do it.  Do not perform
wrong actions. You need very good decision power for this.  Take a
second and decide, “this is what I want to do, and this is what I have
to do.”

Don’t over think and don’t waste your time in questioning whether you
can create such a beautiful, simple life for yourself. Remain happy and
then others can receive that happiness from you.  Just think, “I belong
to God. He is with me.  So when God is with me, what is there to worry
about’?! Perform good actions and you will continue to receive whatever
you need.  There will be no need to ask for anything. Do good with one
hand and you will automatically receive with the other. Don’t think
whether it is possible for you to do charitable actions – just do it
now!  When we think too much, we pollute our minds with our own thoughts
and the dictates of others.  There is a difference between thinking too
much and contemplating on something.  Our conduct should be the same as
our thinking.

With love,
BK Janki


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