Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future 

The current environment crisis is a clear call to transform our awareness and lifestyle.  Therefore there is an urgent need for a new paradigm that integrates clean technologies into our day to day life. 
In order to give a strong impulse towards the development of clean technologies and a sustainable society the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University have been actively involved for 25 years in the research and demonstration of alternative renewable energy concepts. 

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India-One Solar Thermal Power Plant

In spring 2017 the Brahma Kumaris and WRST completed the design, development and installation of "India One", a 1 MW solar thermal power plant in Abu Road, Rajasthan. This research project uses the in-house developed 60 m² parabolic dish and features an innovative thermal storage for night operation. The 60 m² dish is a new development based upon 20 years of experience with parabolic concentrators. "India One" will generate heat and power for a campus of 25,000 people. 

Key features of "India One":

  • 770 nos. of 60 m² parabolic dishes & 1 MW peak electrical output 
  • Co-generation, efficient use of thermal energy & modular design 
  • Thermal storage for night operation & direct steam generation  
  • Networked enabled automated dual axis tracking and controls 
  • Motionless cavity receiver & efficient use of land  

Project Partners

For "India One", Brahma Kumaris & WRST have secured funds from: 

  • The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE, Govt. of India) under its research & development scheme. 
  • The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) via its bilateral "ComSolar" initiative through GIZ (German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation) to demonstrate and promote this technology.  

Team and Consultancy 

Brahma Kumaris & WRST have created a local team of engineers and experts to execute the project smoothly. A dedicated staff of more than 40 people is coordinating the activities on site. The team is in close liaison with various Indian R&D institutes and manufacturers. 

In addition, the project enjoys the support and consultancy of:  

  • The Fraunhofer Institute (ISE) of Freiburg, Germany which will simulate the plant, design the monitoring system and evaluate the performance.
  • IndiaCare of Berlin, a long standing partner of WRST in renewable energy projects, supports the project as well as coordinates activities with German R&D institutes and companies. 
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