Managing life

We all want to get ahead in life and dream of things being easier or of having enough money, time, energy, work, friends, and so on. Although we've had labour-saving options galore for decades, many people still speak of being so tired. Nowadays we are both energy-conscious and energy depleted. What has happened? Is it all in the mind?

Times are changing

Now is the time to pack up what is not necessary in our life. It has been part of our nature to complicate everything. We now have to keep it simple. If we have extra of anything, we have to make sure we use it in a worthwhile way. We have to realise the importance of this present time. We have to now stop the give and take of sorrow and only give and take happiness. This step calls for spiritual power.

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Managing Life - One Question

Sister Jayanti reflects on the purpose of life.

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