Spirituality at work

Here are some examples of how to use spiritual power in dealing with everyday situations at work.


Managing disturbances by using the power of respect

I was at a Peace convention. An old war veteran wandered in and began to heckle the speaker with comments like, "We fought and risked our lives for people like you." The speaker listened to the man with great respect and sincerely expressed how she understood how he felt. He ended up sitting in the front row and listening so attentively. The speaker's respect completely changed his attitude. —CH

Handle people disliking you by using the power to pack up

The receptionist at my new job disliked me from day one. I had not known this kind of rejection before, so I felt challenged to change the relationship somehow. My spiritual studies referred to the ‘power to pack up'. I revised my notes and focussed on this power for a week of meditations. When I arrived at the office at the start of a new week, I readied myself. I packed up my preconceptions and changed any negative thoughts in my own mind towards her by watching how she behaved with others whom she liked. With them she was very caring and generous. With this observation, my attitude changed and within a week she also greeted me with a smile and even offered to add my name to the regular coffee order. We have been the best of friends ever since. —JY

Job hunting with the power to let go

I'd had a string of job interviews this year. And I was becoming disheartened by rejection, time and time again, despite my wealth of experience. I decided to take a fresh look at myself and acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses, teaching myself to let go of my own shortcomings, correct them and move on to the next step. This approach opened a whole new me who could go with the flow, accept what is in front of me without making any judgment and free myself from anxiety. This process made me realise that everything is a matter of attitude. I had a job within a month and am grateful for this chance to polish my character. —AZ

Public speaking in a foreign country helped by using the power of silence

I was about to speak in public in a foreign country as part of my job. Within a few minutes, the audience became restless. They were unhappy with the translation. All sorts of arguments and confusion broke out. I suggested we meditate while we adjusted the technology and, instantly, a great silence fell over the whole crowd. This wave of peace calmed the whole atmosphere. The talk recommenced and at evening's close everyone said how much they loved the programme. —CH

Managing staff complaints by using the power to accommodate

At work, many people come to me and tell me what others are doing wrong, or even things that they themselves have done wrong that they regret. I have learnt a three-step approach to managing these complaints; for one second I acknowledge their unhappiness, then focus on the Supreme Soul, the Ocean of Love, and merge my mind (including whatever has been said) in that love. I experience the past to be passed. The memory is then cleared. I find that I can let go, forgive and forget, even if someone has insulted me. I focus on all strengths and the weaknesses finish. —SS

Working in customer relations by using the power to withdraw

I am an office manager. When I am replying to emails, speaking on the phone or talking with someone in person, as soon as that is finished, I take a private moment to meditate and travel in my mind to the highest realm, the soul world, and place myself very close to the Supreme Soul. I feel love and power flowing through me, filling the soul with compassion and spiritual strength. Then, I return to this working day world, refreshed. —SS

Managing long meetings by using the power to detach

During a long-winded meeting, I wondered how I could make some kind of meaningful contribution to the discussion. But for a moment, I let my eyes drift around the room and opened my mind to what matters most to me. In an instant, I felt washed by a wave of love as powerful as a spiritual tsunami, whilst my eyes just rested on someone who had seemed earlier to be an insignificant person. Stepping back in my mind made me realize this person's true worth and value to the proceedings. The gift of this new perspective left me breathless, speechless and amazed. My daily meditation practice had paved the way for a renewal of my perception. Then I knew I could also engage with others at the meeting in a positive way.—VB

Handling a critical nature by using the power to transform

A friend told me that whenever they make a mistake they give a lot of love to themselves. I thought this was a novel idea, as one of my main character flaws has been the too-strict relationship with myself. I am normally quite tolerant of others - or as good as it gets! But, when it came to being tolerant, forgiving and sweet to myself, it was a different story. And, of course, because of this, my attitude and my mannerisms of being critical came across to others from time to time, without my knowing. Eventually, I saw that I had misunderstood tolerance as being endurance – that is, I thought, "I can stand this person or situation for some time, but now no more."

I started to practise managing myself in a new way. Every time I did or said something wrong and came down hard on myself, I went straight to my favourite meditation place and started to send loving vibrations to myself. And I refused to leave it until the energy inside had shifted into one of understanding, compassion or forgiveness - the qualities that flow from tolerance. I experienced amazing results.

I invited more love into my life, and it felt easier to be me, and easier for others to be with me, which of course pulled lots of supportive and interesting people into my life. Real tolerance hasn't got a limit; it is a way of life that starts with deep appreciation and love for oneself. —SO

Empowering others at work by using the power to discern

The spiritual perspective is the backbone in my employment. I feel it gives me a lot of strength inside to be able to manage difficult people and difficult situations. Without meditation, I couldn't even handle my own problems and could never have coped with being a lawyer. Now I am able to take responsibility for helping people find solutions to their problems. Although it took time, this change came about in me because of meditation and the empowerment meditation gave me.

Meditation makes my mind and thinking very clear. I used to feel burdened by believing I had to do everything for a client. Nowadays I am very clear about my role, and also the responsibility of the person who has come for advice. Even if they try to push their problem onto me, I know that often taking over someone else's issue will just further disempower them. Instead, I focus on encouraging people to take responsibility and guide them in how to use legal processes to move towards the outcome they feel is best for them. —DH

Resisting an event by using the power to accept

Some years ago over a cup of tea, a friend shared the thought, "That which has to happen is now taking place." His words startled me at the time and felt odd. But he encouraged me to experiment with this thought, as difficult moments played out in my life - like when my brother died in an industrial accident. The phrase filled me with a new understanding and has helped me respond to hard-hitting situations with more peace and tolerance, and a deep sense of acceptance.

When I keep this phrase in mind, I don't put energy into fighting the situation. I remember that I might not be able to see the reason, but every situation happens for a reason. When I accept it, I can invest my energy in moving forward and letting a solution emerge. —TW 

Staying free from expectations by using the power of silence

I was stressed by the move to a new office. Too many things seemed to depend on me and I wasn't sure I handled them in the best way possible. As a result, tension and doubts were creeping into my mind, making things even more difficult. I'd say things I regretted. My decisions were fickle and I usually changed my mind several times.

So I reflected and realised I needed to be in a different headspace. I resolved I had the right, and duty, to be silent at times like this. So I just went deep into silence until I felt freedom was my friend; I learned to use this pause, this calm pace and to know that it is just a question of attitude, one step away - always one step away. Step by step, the team and I managed the office relocation and settled into our routine. —VB

Handling upset by others with the power to detach

Everything looked and felt dark. I did not want to tolerate the bad moods and unfairness of George, a work colleague, any more. He was constantly unpleasant with all staff. And his words hurt inside. Taking a moment to sit down, I directed my mind and attention to the sweet presence of the One, wondering what advice would work for me. Just being in the presence of this beautiful, warm and pure vibration, I could see my petty reaction was under my control. I chose a new mindset filled with love and found I was able to continue working without being drawn in to his negativity. —VB

Dealing with broken equipment at work by using the power to care

I lifted the phone to my ear and heard, "Can you come? I've turned the trailer over." I caught myself slipping into saying, "What stupidity… carelessness … typical!" and I took stock. I didn't want to mouth off like that. I could easily have reacted just as I had done many times before. This time changed my response and replied, "Are you OK? I know how easily that can happen, and I know how to right it again. I'm on my way." Criticism cuts deep, especially when we know we have made a mistake. A spoonful of sugar helps any medicine go down, including learning a hard lesson. —DS

Staying beyond judgment at work by using the power to love

I work with families who are referred to me for help with their parenting skills. These parents are referred by Child Protection services, schools or other professionals, and so this is not support they are seeking voluntarily. As a social worker, I endeavour to allow these parents not to feel judged, so they become less defensive and can accept, and even admit, that they do need support. I find that my spiritual perspective of compassion, delivered with a loving attitude, opens a communication space and guides me to find the best words to use. My daily meditation improves my ability to find this balance between love and law, kindness and discipline, forgiving and letting go. I call it soul-conscious love. —RS

Giving a helping hand by using the power to co-operate

John came over to my desk. He needed a substitute teacher for the after-school training in two hours' time, as the trainer had rung in sick. I knew I was free to help, but, in my heart, there was reluctance. I could sense right now I was not filled with any spirit of co-operation and was searching for an excuse. Then I remembered my predicament last week – a flat tyre on the motorway - and the brave driver who pulled up to assist me. This quick reminder reset my thinking and I found a path of no resistance, and said a hearty, "Yes, I can be there." True co-operation comes where there is no resistance, no wishing for something different in any shape or form, where I am happy to help in whatever way I can, no matter what. I am glad I found that space. —DS

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